Tokyo to Seattle

Hi, I’m Ikki from Tokyo. Thank you for visiting my new site.

My old site is written in Japanese and composed completely by my hand. Although I’ve developed a macro suite (like Emacs Lisp) for my favorite text editor to edit HTML and CSS, I don’t want to do it anymore — so today I finally have built the brand new site here, written in English and composed by WordPress. Yeah, it’s great! …But a bit slow, I know, because the rental server is the cheapest one 🙁

I’ll visit Seattle to attend SC11 from 13rd to 19th. This is the first time I’m landing on the USA, really! I’m so excited that I couldn’t sleep at all… The main question is: are the people really so fat? 😛

OK, there remains many things to write, but I need to sleep before the flight. Let’s see at Seattle. Thank you!